Phishing Prevention

Corporate america faces a phishing problem.

Be it an individual running a small business or a Fortune 500 organization, the problem is the same. Despite the increasing focus on cyber security, attacks are still being carried out on a daily basis.

Computer and security experts have realized that to prevent phishing attacks from being successful, you must first start with the target, your workforce.

Utilizing Indarra’s Phishing Prevention Managed Services, you will have the ability to test how susceptible your workforce is to opening unknown attachments, how vulnerable staff is to providing data to attackers, and how often employees click on embedded links in a phishing email.

Through the use of our simulated phishing attacks, Indarra delivers a detailed vulnerability report which indicates if your employees fell victim to the attack via their phone, their desktop/laptop or a tablet, their location when they became victims of the attack, as well as the browser they utilized. We then provide comprehensive corrective action plans and education materials specific to your organization.

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